EVX Research + Advisory Services™ (EVX RAS™), delivered by and through Sitarian Corporation,  pioneers original EV ecosystem research developed by robust proprietary Deep Dives, Think Tanks, and industry standard methodologies including TCO, scenario building, probability analysis, company briefings.

Original research incorporates the EVX’s three main stakeholders – EVs, Energy Infrastructure + Policy™ – to identify gaps, challenges, and possible solutions through the lens of technology development, regulations, and market analysis.

EVX Research™ aims to create a platform of continuous communication between these stakeholders and track the constant change in EV trends.

Research: The EVX Stakeholder’s Cross Intelligence Survey Results Summary™

Electric Vehicles + Energy Infrastructure + Policy: Establishing the EVX Current Baseline for the Future of Mobility™ (83 pages)

EVX through Sitarian Research gathered key industry information, data, and intelligence concerning the Electric Vehicles, Energy Infrastructure, Policy & the Future of Mobility™. This intelligence will then be used as part of EVX’s efforts to analyze trends, issues, challenges, and possible solutions and then provide this to its communities and relevant industries. Sitarian Research identified key individuals in each of the EVX targeted communities as respondents to the survey. These individuals comprised the three-community panel as informed professionals in the EV ecosystem and the comprised a majority of the delegates to our Mastermind sessions at Sitarian’s EVX Exchange think tank in Detroit on June 22, 2022.

Industry(ies): Electric Vehicle Manufacturers, Tier 1 & 2 Automotive Suppliers, Energy Infrastructure, Electric Utilities, Federal Government Policy & Regulatory Agencies, State Policy & Regulatory Agencies,

Coverage Areas: Charging Infrastructure, Key Electric Vehicle Technologies, Cyber Security, Human Resources, Costs & Total Cost of Ownership, TCO, Supply Chain

The EV Exchange (EVX), EVX Research and EVX Events + Programs operate and conduct their practices as an independent, unbiased, objective, and agnostic industry resource, with the primary goal of providing realistic, actionable, practicable business insights, information, as well as educational programming and content.